Becoming a CAETS Member

CAETS welcomes new member academies to join in the pursuit of its founding objectives.  Criteria for Membership are established in the Section 3 of the CAETS Bylaws and shown below.  An academy interested in joining CAETS is invited to submit an application demonstrating alignment with the membership criteria to the CAETS Secretariat for consideration by the Council.  The schedule for consideration is established in Section 4 of the Bylaws as indicated below. The file below provides a an outline structure for use by applicants.

Appicants elected by the Council must contribute $2,000 USD to the CAETS Reserve Fund within three months of election in order to be considered full members of CAETS. Annual dues are established by the Council upon election and begin effective the year following election.

Non-member academies are encouraged to attend CAETS meetings in observer status.  Academies interested in doing so should contact the CAETS Secretariat for additional information.

Section 3. Criteria for Membership

A member of CAETS shall:

a) Be representative of the engineering and technological community of that country;

b) Subscribe to the nonpolitical, non-governmental international character of the Council;

c) Have a peer elected membership with criteria for election based on significant personal contributions to engineering, technological sciences, or related activities;

d) Be governed by its elected membership;

e) Be engaged in significant activities demonstrating that its objectives are compatible with the objectives of the CAETS; and

f) Have sufficient financial support to pay the costs of CAETS membership and the costs of participation in CAETS activities.

Section 4. Procedures for Admission of New Members

a) Applications for admission will normally be accepted for consideration no earlier than three years after the official date of establishment of the applicant, with council flexibility for up to five years at its discretion.

b) The election of a new member academy shall take place only during a regularly scheduled meeting of the Council when the Secretary/Treasurer receives completed application documents 90 days in advance of such meeting.

c) Admission of a new member academy shall require the affirmative votes of at least all but one of the members’ representatives present and voting.

d) Applicants elected by the Council, on complying with Council-approved entry requirements, shall be admitted to CAETS effective at the conclusion of the Council meeting at which elected.