CAETS Releases Statement on COP26

The CAETS statement notes that: “Climate targets and the UN SDGs cannot be achieved without engineers. We offer the collective convening power of CAETS, and its ability to bring together resources and expert thinking from around the world, to inform policy and decision makers in their efforts to urgently scale-up and accelerate strategies to minimise the impacts of climate change.” The full statement can be found here.

SAVE THE DATE – CAETS 2022 in Paris, France

The international Conference CAETS 2022 “Breakthrough Technologies for Healthcare” is organized by The National Academy of Technologies of France. It will be held on September 26 – 29 in Versailles, near Paris. More information is available here.

CAETS 2021 – The Future of Energy

The 2021 CAETS annual symposium, hosted by the Academia Nacional de Ingenieria of Argentina, was held 18-24 September. Key topics included: Energy and Global Warming; Energy Demand/New Trends; The Future of Nuclear Energy; Renewables; Oil and Gas; and Education on Engineering. The closing plenary provided an overview of Latin American Energy. The technical sessions may be viewed via YouTube or via ANI’s website.

CAETS Announces 2021 Communications Prizes

The CAETS Communication Prizes, initiated this year, recognize effective audiovisual communication to a general audience of how applied technology and engineering has been or can be used to address a real-world problem, and the resulting benefits to the economy or society. Nominees are selected by CAETS member academies and submitted to an international judging panel who selects the winners in each category. 2021 winners are cited below.

2021 Engineering Success Story – Professor Jing Cheng, nominated by the Chinese Academy of Engineering

The Engineering Success Story Prize recognizes outstanding audiovisual communication of excellence and innovation in engineering or technological sciences and is open to fellows of CAETS member academies. The inaugural prize goes to Professor Jing Cheng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. His description of the Fully Integrated Chip Laboratory System for SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acid Detection is an inspiring and clear example of public-private partnering, knowledge transfer from academia to a company, and successful deployment to tackle a major societal problem. You can see the video here.

2021 High Potential Innovation – Mr. Kaz Vermeer, nominated by the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation

The High Potential Innovation Prize is intended to show an engineering breakthrough that has the potential to change the world for the better. The inaugural prize goes to Mr. Kaz Vermeer of the Netherlands. Mr Vermeer’s video describes the problem of predicting crop yields early so distributors can forecast the availability of produce, thereby avoiding considerable wastage. Mr. Vermeer’s system is already – within 1 year of being developed – being used by 40% of broccoli growers in the Netherlands and is being expanded to other countries. You can see the video here.

CAETS 2021 Registration is Available

The Future of Energy – Engineering a Better World. The National Academy of Engineering of Argentina organized this technical symposium, which will be held as a virtual event and is open to public audiences. Session topics include: Energy Demand – New Trends; Future of Nuclear Energy; Renewables; Oil and Gas; Education on Engineering. The current program is available here. Additional information about the program and registration is available here.

CAETS Releases 2020 Energy Committee Report

Solutions for High-Level Penetration of Intermittent Renewable Electricity: This report juxtaposes the contributing academies’ views on development of new technologies to offset renewable energy intermittency and respective policy approaches to sustain growth in renewables generation, distribution, storage and implementation. The full report is available here.

CAETS Announces Annual Communications Prizes

CAETS member academies are committed to fostering better communications of policy, educational initiatives, and the importance of engineering and technological sciences in society. The CAETS Council endorsed establishment of two CAETS Communication Prizes, to be awarded annually, that encourage scientists and engineers around the world to effectively communicate in a simple and engaging manner with general audiences, with a focus on young people and students. Awards will be based on a video competition among CAETS member academies globally. Videos will have the dual aim of 1) inspiring students to follow careers in engineering and technological sciences, and 2) educating the general public on the impact that engineering and technological sciences have in their lives and future.

CAETS 2021 Upcoming: The Future of Energy

CAETS 2021 will be hosted by the Argentine National Academy of Engineering in Buenos Aires from September 20 to 24, 2021. Additional information may be found here.


CAETS 2020 Statement: Smart Society

“Smart society, in which data-driven decisions, by both leaders and citizens, continually improve economic prosperity, social well-being, sustainability, and governance, is already emerging all around us….CAETS 2020 concluded that engineers world-wide and the general public can be the heroes who meet and overcome the serious challenges lying ahead. Sustainable development of smart societies cannot be just technology-driven, but also human-driven, and must be based upon values of inclusion, diversity, and openness.”

CAETS 2020 Statement

The Irish Academy of Engineering Joins CAETS

The CAETS Council elected the Irish Academy of Engineering (IAE) into membership during its annual meeting on 15 October 2020. Tuula Teeri, President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and Past-President of CAETS said “a warm welcome to our newest member, we are looking forward to an inspiring collaboration with you within our network!” IAE joins 30 other academies of engineering distributed across six continents.

CAETS 2020: Engineering a Better World – Smart Society
International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences 2020 Symposium

CAETS 2020 annual meetings were hosted by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea from 12-15 October 2020. The technical symposium focused on opportunities and challenges of the Smart Society. Program sessions included Smart Energy Network, Hyper-connected Life, Education for Smart Society, and Climate Change Issues & Challenges in Urban Environment. Taped session content may be found here.

Recently Published: 2018 CAETS Energy Committee Report

This report juxtaposes the contributing academies’ views on an all-electric society comparing the countries’ approaches to generate, distribute and store electricity.


CAETS Elects New Members

During the 2019 Annual Council Meeting on June 27, CAETS elected three new members: New Zealand’s Royal Society Te Aparangi, the Nigerian Academy of Engineering, and the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia. CAETS membership now spans 30 countries distributed across six continents of the world.

CAETS 2019: Engineering a better world – the next 100 years

The 2019 CAETS Statement on Engineering a Better World can be found here.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) hosted the CAETS annual meetings and technical conference in Stockholm, Sweden from June 24th through the 28th.  Personal reflections by Tuula Teeri, IVA’s President, as well as a summary of conference highlights are available here.

CAETS 2019 Technical Conference in the historic Norra Latin Conference Center