The Communications Committee Charter includes three main elements as shown below.

Style Guide

The committee will develop and maintain a CAETS Style Guide that sets content and style guidelines and defines templates for all CAETS Communications (statements, reports, videos, website, etc.). The committee also will support review of draft documents.

Annual Prizes

The committee will annually establish the schedule and provide oversight of the process for awarding the CAETS Communications Prizes. It also will gather lessons-learned from each cycle and adapt the guidelines and process as appropriate.

Key Messages

Using materials developed by CAETS Working Groups, the committee will derive and synthesize key messages that can be used by any member academy to communicate within their own country.

COmmittee Members

  • Chair: Hugh Bradlow, ATSE
  • Deputy Chair: Lucas Noldus,
  • Roberto Carnicer, ANI
  • Javier Fazio, ANI
  • Hongtao Ren, CAE
  • Marie Meynadier, NATF
  • Amit Agrawal, INAE
  • Biljana Stojanovic, AESS
  • TSUJI Yoshiko, EAJ

Communications Prizes


October 2020
June 2019
September 2018